Our Mission

Enable everyone to defend their personal rights and preserve their dignity in the digital space by providing the necessary tools and knowledge.


Just imagine that pornographic content concerning you is shared and duplicated on the internet without your knowledge. Be it real material or content artificially created with technologies like DeepFake.

Millions of daily uploadsMillions of daily uploads

Every day, numerous videos with sexual content that massively violates people's personal rights are uploaded to the World Wide Web. In Australia, for example, every fifth person between the ages of 16 and 49 has already been the victim of Nonconsensual Porn, also known as Revenge Porn.

Deep pain and traumaDeep pain and trauma

Those victims, whose most intimate moments are made publicly available against their will, are exposed to unprecedented cruelty. The consequences range from social isolation and severe mental illness to suicide. The powerlessness that every single victim experiences destroy lives.


How can you control it? This is where we come in, giving you the technology to find and delete such content before it creates more damage to you.

Help othersHelp others

Reporting content triggers an investigation about other videos uploaded by the particular user. There are good chances to uncover more incriminating content, concerning you or others. Reporting definitely helps you and it may also help others.

Stop the fireStop the fire

The earlier such content is removed, the smaller its chance are for spreading.

Facing anxietyFacing anxiety

Removing videos is very important and is the first step in dealing with such situations. We support you in this.

All kind of questionsAll kind of questions

The main challenge is to find a way to generally face and deal with the additional consequences. Please feel free to contact us for any questions, thoughts and/or worries that you may have.

Follow the lightFollow the light

Our mission is to help you deal with this massive attack against personal rights. We are there for you and will guide you through your first steps on the journey of regaining your rights and your dignity.